Monday, 21 May 2018

Get to know GL0WKiD - Interview @ TheCrazyDutchmansBlog (May 2018)

And now taking off for something completely different...What about getting myself on the interviewee role? That would be interesting. Right?

Over the years many of you had some enquiries about my project. So this is a good chance getting to know me better. Bigup to The Crazy Dutchmans Blog & my good fella & hard working blogger, Martin from Netherlands for inviting me for this Interview. Make sure to follow his brilliant Blog and as I'm mentioning over there, we should have more blogs in action for better things in our scene...

Brace yourselves to read some essential stories about my past, present and future. Namely, Generation X [RadioShow], Strictly Nuskool Blog, The Prodigy Fanboy as well as my latest new video project, #GLOWBUZZ, next plans, early days & sounds and pre-GL0WKiD era and many more others by yours truly.

Last but not least continuous Big Glowluv to each & everyone who's next to me and my work all these years. All for the good of the music we love & represent by all means!


Sunday, 13 May 2018

#GLOWBUZZ ep.002:: Forthcoming Kniteforce Records 12" Vinyl Releases

I'm very happy to introduce you the second episode of my latest project which is dealing with video promotion of Nuskool Hardcore and anything that's originally raveish nowdays. So, #GLOWBUZZ 002 was originally finished on 31st March 2018, BUT took a long because it's coming out with an exclusive subject and I couldn't sit this one out...
The story behind it? Well, Kniteforce Records head honcho, Luna-C has enjoyed quite a lot my first episode thus he asked me doing an exclusive episode of forthcoming Kniteforce Records 12" Vinyl releases. I surely accepted that and here it is...
As we're currently running KF80 with the 7th Kniteforce bundle being sold out immediately, I'd like to present you all the new material from artists like Gothica Shade, Liquid, Hyper On Experience and Pete Cannon...

Finally massive shouts out go to Akrivi (the videomaker) Marina, DJ Luna-C (aka Chris Howell) for everything, George The Physicist, and of course all the producers, DJs, label managers, and promoter friends in the Nuskool Hardcore scene (you know who I'm talking to). Bigup also to DISCOBOLE record store and the owner George for the warm hospitality on this episode.

Everything on this video was for a good cause, for promotion & information only.
Support the music and the masterminds behind it. And remember that Hardcore is still alive, just evolved and renamed into Nuskool.



#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 002 was originally shot on 31st March 2018
Presented by GL0WKiD (
Directed by Akrivi Kollia (
Edited by Akrivi Kollia & GL0WKiD
Intro by 2NZY/Damage Inc.
Outro: Vitality 'Can't Escape' [SNB002, STRICTLY NUSKOOL]

Other Music:

Try Unity 'Stand Up (Luna-C Remix)' [RRRDJ004, RAVE RADIO RECORDS]
Gothica Shade 'Rainbow (Full On Prism Mix)' [KF81, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Liquid 'The Truth' [KF82, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Hyper On Experience 'Cannon Rush' [KF83, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Pete Cannon 'Answer Me' [KF84, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

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